International Management & Construction Consultants - Gleeds

Gleeds has over 120 years experience in the building and construction industry and currently employs over 1200 people in 13 countries across 5 continents - making us one of the world’s leading management and construction consultants.

With our spread of offices across the world, Gleeds is one of only a handful of construction consultants with the background, resources and financial strength to consider complex, often multi-national contracts. Our wide experience in virtually every type of industry sector in many countries means we have a depth and knowledge essential for providing today’s clients with the very highest standards of service.

While our business may be organised to operate on a global basis we are structured to think and act locally. Each Gleeds office functions as an integral part of its own community employing local people and knowledge wherever possible. We are sensitive to the culture and values of each country in which we operate.  We believe in listening and paying close attention to the world around us. Our aim is to be both globally expansive and regionally responsive.